Non solo Lezioni di inglese

L'inglese si impara parlando!

Scopri un modo nuovo e divertente per migliorare il tuo inglese con i nostri gruppi di conversazione dal vivo! Completamente GRATIS! Trascorrerai un’ora e mezza in un’atmosfera rilassata in compagnia di altre persone che, come te, desiderano divertirsi e allenare il loro inglese. Ci sarà anche il nostro animatore madrelingua che aiuterà a “rompere il ghiaccio” con quiz e giochi di gruppo per socializzare, oltre che imparare! Inoltre, con My English Pals hai la possibilità di ricevere un riscontro personalizzato sui tuoi progressi in inglese. Come and speak English with the in-crowd!

Vuoi venire ad un meet-up inglese?

È completamente GRATIS!

Escursioni full immersion

Become an English Tourist for a few hours!

Join a small group of other English speakers for a half-day excursion to wonderful places around Salerno, Amalfi and Cilento coasts. English is spoken and so it's another great chance to improve your English whilst enjoying yourself.

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English Services

We offer all services, including lessons, translation, interpreters, conference and interview training and much else.

Just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to see how we can help. And remember, you can come to our meetings for inglese social conversation absolutely FREE!

Instant English On Demand for Business (Beta)

Have you ever needed instant checking of an English phrase or sentence before sending to a client? Join our beta/experimental Instant English via WhatsApp for FREE. Use it to send us short phrases or sentences to be checked/translated by mother-tongue experts before you communicate with clients. We'll respond in real-time for as near-instant a response as possible during business hours.

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5 minute English

Come to a 5 minute talk by a native English speaker during your lunch break at the office. It's fun, fast and free!

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